About Us



Welcome to our blog! We have created this project together to record, reflect and share our experiences as well as tips and tricks as we travel while working remotely for the next several months.


It is important to start with the purpose. We have sold all our things, said goodbye to our wonderful and comfortable life surrounded by friends and family to embark on this big life change. This trip isn’t about “finding ourselves”, testing our relationship, filling our Instagram with pretty pictures or trying to check off boxes on some 100-things-to-see-before-you-die list. It’s an experiment in creating a balanced lifestyle that is location agnostic, connecting with people in deeper ways, building a business that will sustain us into the next phase of our lives and thriving in the face of challenge.



Chris and Bianca met in July 2012 and have been annoyingly inseparable ever since. Their story starts on the tail-end of many terrible OKCupid dates as they used the internet to find someone special. They are both Silicon Valley-based tech nerds who code for a living who have always had dreams of taking their skills on the road. In early 2016, they got engaged on a paradise island in the Philippines and soon decided to embark on a year journey to try out their shared dream of making a living from anywhere before settling down (or not!).