All Kinds Of Temple Prayer Things


It has been about 2 weeks since we left the states to start our big journey. So much has happened already and we’d like to share some of the highlights so far while living here in our first destination—Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The first week was pretty action-packed. We were busy (1) getting acquainted to the city we will be living in for the month, (2) getting to know our fellow remotes (~75 people) that we will be traveling with for the next 12 months, while also (3) trying to juggle work on top of that.

Given that we didn’t do much reading for what to expect in KL (since we were mostly occupied with preparations for this trip), we were pleasantly surprised to learn that KL had so much to offer. Malaysia has cultural influences from Malay, India, China, Indonesia, and Thailand (and probably a few other countries I’m missing), and so everything from the food to the city’s architecture was very diverse. Walk through Jalan Alor, which is just a few blocks away from our apartment, and you’ll see for yourself.

Some more food porn:

A few weeks before leaving the states, I also reached out a local Malaysian climbing community to see if anyone would be down to climb outdoors. To my luck, a guy named Azlan responded and showed me some of the local crags.

We ended up climbing Damai Wall, Batu Caves.

He was even kind enough to recommend some common Malay cuisines.

Shit was good. Thanks bud!

It was interesting speaking with Azlan and learning about each other’s culture. I learned that we had a lot in common growing up between moving to the states and back to the motherland (Malaysia for Azlan, Philippines for me). Our cultures had so much in common from the language to the food and cultural norms. We even found a couple of words that were the exact same or some variation of it.

I was also surprised to meet a lot of Pinoys that work in the restaurant industry in Malaysia. There were lots of “Salamat po”, “Kamusta kuya?”, and “Ay, sanay pala magtagalog!” exchanges… way more than I expected.

We also visited a couple temples around Kuala Lumpur:

Some of them even had my spirit animal:

So far, our 2 weeks in KL have been a good way to ease-in living in South East Asia. It definitely feels like living in Asia yet we still enjoy most of the conveniences that America has to offer, but for a way cheaper price (I just paid 15 ringgit, roughly $4 USD, for a 25 minute Uber ride)! We’re not exactly “roughing it” by any means, but that will change… very soon.


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